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At SOMEFANCYNAME we love to collaborate with the like-minded & creative people, and we welcome all newsworthy and relevant contributions. Our mission is to support sustainable and anti-ordinary design, as well as supporting women-entrepreneurs and local businesses. Sharing our contributors’ ideas, advice and real-life experience is important for us.

Our guidelines to follow:

  • We are all about Sustainability. While our main focus is on sustainable fashion, it is not restricted only to that. As we believe that sustainability should be in everything we do. It is a lifestyle! So, knock yourself out and let everyone know your experience, ideas and thoughts on sustainability in fashion, health and lifestyle.
  • It is always a good idea to write about what you know. We love expert opinions!
  • The opening line is the most important, so make sure you catch our readers’ attention. Will they continue reading based on your opening line? You should set out the scope of the article already in the first sentence.
  • Preferences will be given to original work. However, if the article was published somewhere else, let us know, so we could give the credit back to the source, in case it is published on our platform.
  • Please, ensure that all the claims, statistics or studies that you mention are from reliable sources and make sure to provide a link to the source/claim.
  • Please, include a high-resolution headshot, short bio and links to your site or blog (if it is necessary) along with your story.
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