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unique, innovative and sustainable brands

We believe in a responsible way of doing business and love the brands we collaborate with.

We ensure Responsible Production and Consumption (SDG 12), since we are focusing only on sustainable brands. Our designers are producing made-to-order, fair & ethical, zero-waste, unique and high quality clothes.

Our customers are able to choose from a variety of innovative styles, made of Econyl- a regenerated nylon, Pinatex - leather from ananas leaves, Seaqual and microplast fabric made of plastic bottles from the oceans, Apple Skin, Cork Materials, Eco, etc. 

Our brands are today's pioneers within sustainable and innovative fashion and lifestyle.

In our online and physical Pop-Up Concept Store, you will find cool innovative design, such as bags made of plastic bottles from the ocean or unisex shoes that are 100% recycled. It goes without saying, you will discover a big variety of handmade high quality Alpaca wool knitwear, silk and organic cotton dresses, shirts and blazers, and so much more. 

Our “CO2 Neutral” Program will soon be launched and will empower our customers in offsetting their CO2 emissions for flights and living. 

Our Sustainable Categorisation will empower our customers in making their sustainable choices.

We aim at positively impacting the fraction of this greenhouse gas emission by choosing natural products, creating and educating healthier habits, re-using and re-cycling, using fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources. In the next 5 years, we hope that one in 5 women has been shopping on SOMEFANCYNAME and is a part of our sustainable community.

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