Collection: REAMEREI

Welcome Reamerei - a sustainable genderless clothing brand from Italy.

Marzia Geusa founded REAMEREI in 2019 in Milan, together with Enrico Micheletto and Davide Melis (for the creative direction), after having completed a course of study together and decided to create a collective project.

"Questions concerning the future and the binomials technology-nature and atomic-anatomical lead us to undertake a process similar to a heterotopic trip, through which we reflect on overcoming gender dualism, fighting an ironic war against sexual dimorphism.

Rigor and essentiality pursue a renewed decorativism, sometimes intemperate, especially celebrating multiple female icons and having fun imagining a world where technology and nature can coexist in harmony.

Thanks to shapes that by redesigning the body and unexpected details, we give life to narrative slow fashion products rich in references, with genderless garments that look to a non-binary and clearly punk future.

All REAMEREI products are 100% made in Italy, with meticulous attention to the quality of details, and most of our line is made with regenerated or upcycled organic materials".

  • we believe in innovative, unique & sustainable brands
  • we empower women-entrepreneurs
  • We support local businesses