Collection: LANA ERUNT

This story is about a young and enterprising family who started their knitting business and became knitwear manufacturers in 1998.

As a team of manufacturers and colleagues, we value the quality of the product, respectful behavior, and a pleasant working environment. We care for others and nature, so we ensure that every product is made environmentally friendly.

Ethical manufacturing is the key to a successful business. All of the workers are like one huge family. Many of them are working for us since the very beginning of the company, and know each other's names, how many kids they have, or if they have any pets or interests. We celebrate everybody's birthdays and other important dates. The factory to us is like a second home.

These days, sustainability is an often-heard word. Over 20 years of working, we have always kept our production of woolen sweaters and other clothing- sustainable, because if you love nature and respect people's work – you can't do it any other way. We have never been making one-day clothing or so-called fast fashion. We represent quality.

Our factory is more than just sufficient working conditions. Workers feel relaxed and cozy in a garden where they can pick an apple straight from a tree or sit on a bench for a small coffee break (that everyone needs sometimes). The green areas around make the air fresh and clean, and we do everything to make people comfortable in their second homes. 


Our factory doesn't have post-production waste #zerowaste, because we recycle and reuse. Moreover, in the process of making sweaters, we use only organic softeners, which do no harm even to the most sensitive skin, we do not use any harsh detergents.

We use only high-quality Italian or Western European yarns to make our sweaters. The most important point in choosing a supplier for us is quality, eco & sustainability factors. We do not use any cheap yarns, where kids' work is included or factory post-production destroys the local ecosystem.

  • we believe in innovative, unique & sustainable brands
  • we empower women-entrepreneurs
  • We support local businesses