Collection: Bona Fide

Founded by Melissa Pereira, Bona Fide is born with the desire of inspiring a more conscious way of life, by connecting with people and reconnecting to Earth.

Made in small quantities to produce exclusive collections, each piece was created with the intention of being beautifully conscious and to be worn through time, beyond fast trends and seasons.

At Bona Fide, we invite you to live more intentionally and slowly in order to cherish every precious moment of life.


Our pieces are created with a timeless but authentic design, in local factories or seamstresses, in the north of Portugal.

We choose to do so, so that we can establish relations with our community and at the same time, to always be able to visit the factory and its workers and control our productions.

We always make sure we work with suppliers that pay fair wages and who maintain a safe working environment so that our collections are always ethically made and sourced.


In our collections, we make sure to choose the best quality materials be it from deadstock or sustainable fabrics.

When we choose to work with deadstock fabrics, we choose to give a second life to an excess fabric from another brand or manufacturer, that can happen for example with a miscalculated fabric quantity or for example when a colour isn't quite what they wanted. We source them from Portuguese local warehouses/manufacturers, so we can always check the newest fabrics, improve the local economy and in order to reduce our use of natural resources spent on meeting our partners and suppliers.

Regarding sustainably sourced fabrics, we always choose them for their quality, touch & feel and aesthetic. Currently, in our collection, we worked with a recycled polyester fabric from a Portuguese manufacturer, made from recycled materials like PET and polyester fabrics. By choosing this kind of fabric we are preventing it, from ending in a landfill and instead, creating something beautiful to be worn through time and time.


We use recyclable packaging and our envelopes are biodegradable.

  • we believe in innovative, unique & sustainable brands
  • we empower women-entrepreneurs
  • We support local businesses