Multicolored world of fair fashion made in Peru! ANNAMRIAANGELIKA's premium knitwear is characterized by the confluence of sustainability, lifestyle and design, while playfully creating a unique link between tradition and modernity. The brand is passionately dedicated to the slow fashion philosophy.

ANNAMAARIAANGELIKA is passionately dedicated to the slow fashion philosophy. One reason for this is the intrinsic vision of our AMA founder Julia. On the one hand, she believes in fashion that takes responsibility for and is aware of its possible impact on people and the natural environment. On the other hand, the part of South America where ANNAMAARIAANGELIKA’s raw materials and products come from is imposing its very own pace on the production processes. In the end it is the Peruvian landscape and the alpacas that live in it that dictate how fast things are moving.

ANNAMAARIAANGELIKA materials, design and above all, the knitters, are allowed to take the time they need. What we do is not about quantity, but about quality, longevity and attention to detail.

  • Our entire value chain for knitted goods is situated in Peru
  • Nothing is shipped back and forth between countries countless times
  • We make it a point to insist on fair and socially equitable working conditions
  • We put a high value on zero-waste production
  • All the materials used, including our labels, are biodegradable
  • We furthermore obtain these from retailers from Germany who have a GOTS, Fair Trade or Ktb Organic certification
  • we believe in innovative, unique & sustainable brands
  • we empower women-entrepreneurs
  • We support local businesses