4 women-founders of sustainable brands sitting together in an interview to talk about sustainability, fashion and organic skin care

Meet the People behind sustainable brands: Schulz by Crowd and Yrolí

Interview setup with sustainable brands' women founders

SOMEFANCYNAME has been invented to create a global online community for sustainable designers, where you can discover and empower unique, innovative and sustainable design. It is a place to share, develop and grow their vision for a sustainable fashion and lifestyle industries.

In September 2020, we opened our first Pop-Up Concept Store in Denmark (Aarhus). The idea behind was to form a creative space, where you can get inspired, discover and empower sustainable design. 

The new COVID-19 restrictions have disrupted our plans for most of our upcoming events. However, it didn't stop us! 

We are happy to inform you of our online event that took place on 26th of October 2020. Our pop-up Concept Store became the stage for the inspiring women-founders of two sustainable brands from Copenhagen- "Yrolí" and "Schulz by Crowd." We had a great discussion and Q&A session on sustainability in fashion and skincare industries.

We hosted Marie Schulz Kjær, founder of "Schulz by Crowd", a danish sustainable fashion brand. She shared a lot of interesting facts concerning having a sustainable fashion brand. She told us about exquisite textiles used for production, and quite an unusual way of collecting them. Marie also raised an important subject, a conscious consumption in relation to fashion.

Another quests taking part in the discussion were Trine-Lise Buestad and Jette Nørgaard Haulrig from "Yrolí", a sustainable skincare brand. We talked about their organic products, what they are made of and what their effect is on skin. We found out about the unconventional "less is more" approach to skincare and importance of skincare in today's environment.



We support our designers in turning their unique sustainable visions into successful businesses. It was an extreme pleasure to hear the women-entrepreneurs talking about their challenges and success stories and plans for the future.

Thank you Marie, Trine-Lise and Jette for coming and for the great talk! And of course, thank you everyone from "behind the screen" watching us on Instagram Live! You can find it saved in our IGTV section, in case you missed it.

We feel inspired and excited for the next incoming events concerning sustainability in SOMEFANCYNAME Pop-Up Concept Store. Follow us on social media to stay updated.

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