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We are celebrating our talented designers by opening our very first Pop-Up Concept Store for sustainable designers.

The idea behind is to create a creative space, where you can get inspired, discover and empower unique, innovative and sustainably designed clothes; clothes that have a meaning, a purpose.

95% of all the furniture used in our Concept Store was a re-used furniture, including tree racks made of fallen trees from local Risskov forest. We are collaborating with local Danish design brands that showcase some of their products in our store. 

Our company has 3 main values:

1. We support Innovative, unique and sustainably made clothes
2. We support women entrepreneurs and women empowerment
3. We support local businesses

We want to live our values through our Pop-Up Concept Store. That is why we decided to have a small space in our store always available to creative and artsy people working within sustainability and healthy living. They can use this space for their workshops, introduction to their products, etc. free of charge.

Concept Store filled with people who came for the opening

In our Pop-Up Concept Store, you will find cool innovative design, such as bags made of plastic bottles from the ocean or unisex shoes that are 100% recycled. It goes without saying, you will discover a big variety of handmade high quality Alpaca wool knitwear, silk and organic cotton dresses, shirts and blazers, and so much more. 

We are also introducing organic skincare from a Danish brand Yroli Skincare. Soothing and relaxing oils, hand creams, shampoo and conditioners - all available in our Concept Store. 

We are also happy to present you local heroes, such as Merry Berry Fruit Snacks, who are making fruit snacks from just One ingredient - Local. While reducing food waste as they go, the products have no added sugar, preservatives or concentrates. 

Home takes a very special place for all of us. That's why we are glad to present you Katrine and Hanne Bonde from Kald på Kunsten, Michael Dvinge, Stine Rosgaard, True North Designs and many more. You will discover cool posters and paintings for your home next to the chairs and tables from True North Designs who aim to contribute to the renewal of the Nordic design tradition and to help maintain a high level of craftsmanship in the Danish furniture industry.

Our Pop-Up Concept Store became possible, as a result of cooperation with Domis Properties A/S, who supported us with the location, as well as all the designers, friends and family!  

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