ECONYL® is an innovative nylon yarn, produced entirely from recovered fishnets and other nylon waste and is infinitely recyclable.

Aquafil is the supplier behind ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon. These yarns offer the same quality and performance as normal Nylon 6 but with incredible environmental benefits due to the fact that they come from regenerated waste and are 100% endlessly regenerable. Through an advanced recycling process, the waste materials from oceans are broken down to their raw-material state and then rebuilt with the exact same performance as nylon produced from fossil materials.

The ECONYL® process can be repeated infinitely and thus forms the basis for a closed-loop cycle of regenerated - and regenerable – nylon products. Regeneration means that the material is recycled with perfect quality –retaining nylon’s inherent strength, durability and lightness – and that the new products can potentially be recycled indefinitely. The process helps saving crude oil, avoiding CO2 emissions, as well as reclaiming waste materials from the oceans. Excess energy from the ECONYL® plant in Ljubljana is used to heat the pools of neighbouring Atlantis, the city’s large water park.


information on the amount of crude oil saved for every 10,000 tons of Econyl Raw Material - regenerated nylon


The ECONYL® Regeneration System starts with the rescue of waste and surplus materials. A variety of recovered materials, such as abandoned ghost fishing nets, fabric scraps from mills, carpet flooring and industrial plastic – all composed of nylon – are collected from oceans and landfills globally and tested at the laboratory in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This is an important step because it helps to protect our ocean environments by removing so called “ghost nets,” which have been lost and left at the sea and pose a serious threat to marine life. The waste is collected through different initiatives, such as “The Healthy Seas,” where volunteer divers recover fishing nets from the bottom of the European seas.



The collected nylon waste is recycled back to its original purity through a radical regeneration and purification process, using the least water and energy possible. By melting the different kinds of waste materials and “un-zipping” the nylon, this generated nylon has the same high quality as virgin nylon, without the traditional process of deriving it from oil. By eliminating the need for barrels of crude oil, CO2 emissions are also drastically reduced.


After that, it is sent to Italy, where it is transformed into a high quality, eco-friendly fabric. ECONYL® regenerated nylon is then processes into textile yarn used in the fashion industry and carpet yarn used in the interior industry. This yarn is made into fabrics and materials for designers to utilise in their own creations.


The possibilities are endless and ECONYL® regenerated nylon allows designers to give new life to things once classified as waste.



AOIFE®, is an innovative Irish brand that offers a multi-layered approach to luxury and sustainability.

Using the latest eco-innovative fabrics, some repurposed from ghost fishing nets (Econyl®) or synthesised from plant materials, Aoife® creates ergonomically designed bags, totes, backpacks and accessories.

Furthermore, by replacing the mechanised, robotic nature of mass production, Aoife® delivers hands-on integrity and added value in each artisan-made piece. The entire development process represents a cyclical journey: respecting the material’s former life, re-contextualising them with a new purpose delivered through expert craftsmanship and skill.

"Together with our customers, we champion a new consciousness and eco-friendly culture in contemporary fashion."

Gallery Messenger bag Gallery Reclaimed Mini Crossbody - AoifeGallery Reclaimed Mini Crossbody - Aoife Vegan Cactus Leather Clutch- large - beige Gallery Reclaimed Sling Bag - Burgundy - Aoife Black Gallery Tote To Backpack




CRYSTAL FLOW designs are inspired by nature – Caribbean beaches, wild waterfalls and rugged coastlines of Europe and North America. The sportswear designs are made with 100% regenerated Italian material, ECONYL, and manufactured ethically in Europe. But CRYSTAL FLOW is more than just sustainability, it is an adventurous, nautical lifestyle. Functional sportswear made for and by confident women with passion and the urge to experience the unknown: Hidden surf spots, different cultures, challenging action sports and soul freeing workouts. For women who are living a fast moving and healthy life with respect for the environment, the dedication to keep our planet clean - and the awareness keeping it clean is where everything begins.


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