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History of Denim and Jeans

Denim was invented in 1873 by Jacob Davies and Levi Strauss.

the history of denim

Denim is a strong and durable fabric. It is cotton-based and can be woven with other fibers to add elements denim traditionally lacks, such as elastane to add stretch or polyester to control shrinkage and wrinkles. Jeans are the most popular denim product with 1.24 billion pairs sold annually (1).


Always close the zips or buttons and turn your denim garment inside out before washing. If your jeans aren’t dirty, don’t wash them, freeze them! Try popping your denim garment in a bag and put them in the freezer to get rid of germs and freshen them up. If you absolutely have to wash them, do so at 30°. The cooler the water, the more energy you save. Denim fabricDenim fabric If you've just got a drop of coffee, mud or ketchup on your jeans, then there is no need to throw them in the machine. Spot clean them! A swift wipe with a napkin or damp cloth dipped in a little soapy water will remove most of it. Always work from inside out if possible.


Do not tumble dry. The movement and heat will add wear and tear, and will shorten the life of your jean…instead… Flatten the garment into shape, then hang-dry or dry flat. This prevents or at least reduces the need to iron the garment.


Denim is a very durable material and should last you a long while. There’s a reason they were originally used for miners to wear. They can take a little dirt, wear and tear. First, check if you can pass along your pre-loved denim to a friend. When you decide it’s time to part with your denim, it’s possible that it can be reused or recycled or down-cycled. For example, Blue Jeans Go Green turns denim that can’t be worn into building insulation, keeping it out of landfill for a while.



Ksenia Schnaider is a sustainable denim brand that began their story in 2011. The masterminds behind the brand are constantly working hand in hand- creating fashion pieces combining reworked materials, perfect cut, Eastern European cultural quotes and spicing it up with some innovative digital concepts.

 upcycled denim pants from behind

Ksenia Schnaider have found the right blend of fashion and sustainability. Through their Re-Worked collection, the brand is reworking 500 pairs of jeans a month or up to 5 tons per year. 

In one season, up to 200 kilos of textile waste is reworked. Each reworked item is individually assembled and is one of a kind. 

 upcycled denim jeans upcycled unisex denim jacket


Ånyo is a sustainable fashion brand that believes in a Circular Economy. “Ånyo” is Swedish for “renew” - a philosophy of recycling and reusing something old to create something new while causing no harm to society or nature. We create one-of-a-kind embellished denim jacket collections using only second-hand denim. Our collections are a celebration of colours, textures, patterns and cultures while drawing inspiration from the ethnic mix we experience in our multicultural cities today.

unisex upcycled denim jacket

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