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Coffee grounds in a glass

Sustainable choices are extremely important to our company. Through responsible consumption, we can empower a positive environmental impact. That is why, we love to educate ourselves and share the best tips with you.

Today we are going to focus on "Coffee Grounds" and the smartest ways to reuse them. Are you a coffee drinker that cares about environmental footprint? Guess what!? There are a lot of ways to use coffee grounds around your house or garden!

It has been well proven that used coffee grounds are a massively produced residue that is harmful to our environment. Did you know that coffee grounds dumped into landfills can create methane, which is a greenhouse gas. Methane is as harmful as carbon dioxide (gas causing global warming). We should try to keep the coffee grounds out of landfills, the small change of habits could be a significant one in order to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. What are the sustainable ways to reuse coffee grounds after finishing your morning cup?


The sand-like texture of coffee grounds makes it a great material to use as a homemade scrub. A coffee scrub is the best way to exfoliate your skin, rejuvenate, boost circulation or fight cellulite. Massaging this scrub into your face will help to boost circulation and improve skin quality. It is also a great natural peeling for your scalp, which stimulates hair follicles. It promotes the hair growth and leaves it extra shiny.

Here is the recipe!

  • Enjoy your morning cup!
  • Mix together 1/2 cup of coffee grounds with 1/2 cup of sugar
  • Add some vanilla extract and 1/2 cup of coconut oil.
  • Mix it well!
  • Rub it all over your body, leave for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  • Voilà! Hello, smooth and glowing skin!


Coffee’s natural astringent and antioxidant are great material for acne-fighting DIY mask. Do you have problems with acne-prone skin? Just mix the coffee grounds with some milk, then apply this mask on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Before rinsing it clean, you can massage your face in a circular motion for about a minute.


Adding a dose of coffee to your morning skincare routine can really make a difference. If you have a swollen eyes, it is probably caused by a buildup of excess fluid. The caffeine is a great solution, it can perk up the skin, reduce swelling and puffiness. Coffee's antioxidants fight the free radicals that age your skin. Just prepare the mask out of 1 egg white and 2 spoons of coffee grounds. Mix it well together until frothy. Apply such mask around and under the eyes and let it dry for 10 minutes. Use a wet towel to clean it off and apply some moisturiser at the end. There you go! Your eyes are brighter and tighter!


The coffee waste can release nitrogen into the soil causing the rise of the soil temperature. Such high temperature kills weeds and will allow your garden to flourish beautifully. All you have to do it to rinse the coffee grounds in water and then mix the grounds in plant soil or sprinkle them directly on top of the soil. This will improve the water retention and increase the presence of beneficial bacteria in the soil. You can also use the nitrogen-rich coffee grounds as the addition to your compost.

Oh and if you want to get rid of snails, ants or slugs from your property, then leaving used coffee grounds around should make a difference. They hate this smell!


Do you have any scratches in the dark wood? Try rubbing the used coffee into this scratch. Mix together used coffee grounds,1/4 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup of warm water. This helpful stain can fix scuffs. Just shake the mixture up, wait an hour and go fix your favourite cupboard!  


Coffee grounds tend to soak up all the smells from the air. You need to remember to keep the coffee bags sealed shut in order to prevent them from changing taste. However, you can use this characteristic as an advantage. Put the coffee grounds in a shallow jar and place it in your fridge. It will make the inside smell fresh again.

Beautiful pictures are from "ØNSK Kaffe"- Sustainable Quality Café form Copenhagen, using coffee imported directly from the farmers in Nicaragua. Go check out their website: and IG profile:




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