Yrolí Skincare is a Danish skincare brand founded in 2018 by Trine-Lise Buestad and Jette Nørgaard Haulrig in collaboration with pharmacists and biochemists. Everything is Danish-made and based on the latest research and development of active natural substances. The carefully selected signature ingredients are high-potency extracts from microalgae, Nordic berries and African fruits.

Yrolí Skincare is sustainable and responsible skin care based on strong values ​​and a goal of being innovative and creating change in the world. Our products prevent, repair, protect and improve the health and appearance of the skin.


Due to our ECOCERT COSMOS certification, we can trace the ingredients all the way back to the individual field where the fruit / algae / nut etc. were grown. We choose the ingredients based on their unique properties, which is crucial for the quality of our skin care products.

All our ingredients have an unusually high level of vitamins and essential fatty acids. In addition, they have complimentary molecular size, which means that the final skin care product can penetrate both the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) and the middle layer (dermis). Thereby, Yrolí Skincare has an effect in several of the skin layers.


Our ingredients are natural. They are grown, harvested and produced with care for how it affects the local and global environment.

Oils and extracts of Nordic berries; Blueberry seed oil, raspberry seed oil and cloudberry extract grow and are harvested in the purest natural environments in Lapland, Finland. This is what we call wild harvest.

Baobab oil and marula oil are grown in Africa on well-established farms that are ECOCERT COSMOS certified. The oils have been used here for skin care for centuries. The trees get very old and because they have great value, they are valued by the local community. The fruits are harvested and the seeds are cold pressed. Defining the whole process is the good social conditions, which means that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is respected, and there is equal pay and social rights for all.

All our signature ingredients contribute to good biodiversity and diversity, which benefits us all.