Inspired by traditional Nordic crafts and babes with attitude, we make sustainable knitwear. Founded by three best friends in Lithuania, The Knotty Ones uses a help of local Lithuanian young designers to design products.

At The Knotty Ones, we’re big believers in shopping less, but better. We celebrate quality garments that will last you for many seasons, hence focus on creating individual pieces rather than collections. We source only natural and sustainable fabrics while incorporating better practices throughout our supply chain to make beautiful knitwear at a fraction of the environmental impact of fast fashion.

We wanted to create something that made you feel good wearing it. Not only because you looked great, but also because you knew that women who made your sweater got paid fairly, worked in a safe environment, and enjoyed themselves in the process. We employ craftswomen, mostly stay-at-home moms, around Lithuania. The majority of them live in villages and small towns where jobs are extremely scarce. It’s a great way for women to earn fair wages and provide for themselves and their beautiful families.